Interesting Boy Cat Names From Disney Movies

cat names from disney movies

Great Cat Names From Disney Movies

Still indecisive on what name to use for your new cat? Choosing cat names can be difficult, especially if you haven’t got your creative juices flowing yet. You can find several possible cat names that you can find online if you do a simple Google search but you may end up feeling overwhelmed with all these possible choices!

In order to avoid overwhelming, it’s a good idea to look set restrictions by looking at the characteristics that you want your cat’s name to be based on. Do you name your cat based on its looks, actions or copied other people’s cat names?

It’s a wise idea to name your cat at least a week after being with him. You want to observe the way he acts and let your intuition guide you on the best name that fits your cat. Most people are lucky enough to find the perfect name at first sight, probably because of some very obvious characteristics that they can base on. Some people name their cats based on the color of their fur, like a snowball or muffin, with the latter simply having the same color as a muffin. Others would name their cats based on their favorite food, like Shortcake or Cupcake.

Looking for popular and interesting boy cat names? Why not try out Felix or Sylvester? These names have stood the test of time and have been taken from the famous cats on television. If you find your cat having the similar characteristics with Felix the Cat or Sylvester, you can also base your cat’s name from them.

Some cats are named after their owner’s favorite cartoon character. Reignite your inner child by naming your cat based on your favorite Disney character or any of the characters from your favorite Disney cartoon or movie.  How could you go wrong with names like Prince Phillip or Sebastian? If you’re having a hard time coming up with a good name for your cat, you can find a lot of ideas for cat names from Disney movies. Other great cat names can be taken from different people in history, like Abe, Franklin, Albert or Hercules. If you’re a fan of any of these people, then you’ve got a lucky list!

Another characteristic that you can base your cat’s name on is their eye color. Remember though that unless your cat is Siamese, his blue eyes may change through time as your cat ages. Your cat’s eyes will give you plenty of ideas to choose from like Charcoal, Jade, Happy or Fierce.

You may be tempted to use cute names for your cat. Does his look suggest that he can be named Furry, Cutie or Angel? Think again. His looks may change through time and your once angelic baby may become naughty or aloof. It’s the same thing as naming children, you  don’t want to name them something that they can be embarrassed about when they grow up.

Take some time to observe and find the best fit when trying to decide what to name your cat. If you haven’t got a single idea yet, you can find a lot of cat names if you make a search through the Internet. Doing a simple search will lead you to hundreds of websites containing millions of names in their databases in a few seconds.