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"Heartstrings" is a touching story about a woman who, after the loss of her husband, decides to donate his violin to a local music school. When she hears a young boy playing it during a school performance, she realizes the joy and passion that the instrument has brought into someone else's life, and is comforted by the knowledge that a piece of her husband lives on through his cherished violin.

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Last updated: September 28, 2023

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Gabriel Knightwood

Romance Whisperer, Writer

Anna paced anxiously in the brightly lit hospital ward. The powerful fluorescent lights made her feel like a mouse trapped in a laboratory. She listened to the beeping of the numerous machines attached to the walls and to her patients, trying hard to focus but finding it difficult. Dr. Anna King was a well-respected physician. She had saved countless lives during her years of practice, yet she still felt like she didn’t belong.

Anna had grown up in a small town where it seemed that everyone knew each other's business. As a child, she had often felt like an outsider. Her mother was always so cold and distant, and Anna had taken on the role of the parent, watching her younger brother while their mother was at work. It's the reason why she strived to be successful with her work as a doctor.

She glanced at her watch, noting that she had an hour before her next patient. Anna decided to go to the local bar to let off some steam. It was still early, and the bar was reasonably empty.

Owen was the owner of the bar and had always been an observer of life. He liked to sit back and watch people, taking in their emotions and body language. It's how he had become great at conversations – by listening to what they didn't say. He knew all the town's news. Therefore, he knew instantly when Anna walked through the door. Owen had never met her before, but he had an instant attraction to her.

He watched as she sat down at the end of the bar, ordered a drink, and went through her phone. Owen was intrigued, and he decided he would make a move.

"Hi there, my name's Owen."

Anna looked up from her phone to see a tall, well-built man standing in front of her. She took in his warm smile and captivating blue eyes. For a second that seemed like an eternity, they both just stood there, taking each other in.

"Anna," she finally responded, her voice soft and controlled.

She wasn't used to men approaching her, which made her wonder what his intentions were.

"Can I buy you a drink, Anna?"

Anna hesitated, wondering if she should trust this stranger. But something in Owen's eyes melted her reservations. She nodded in response.

As they talked, Anna realized that Owen was good company – he was easy to talk to, funny, and charming.

Anna left the bar feeling lucky to have met such a kind and gentle man. Owen left the bar feeling like a new beginning was on the horizon.

The rest of the week, Anna and Owen bumped into each other continuously around town. They had lunch together often, went to the movies, and laughed over drinks. Anna found it easy to open up to Owen, something she wasn't used to.

As the days passed, Owen started to notice a shadow on Anna's face. He picked up on her insecurities, the way she would flinch when someone got too close. He recognized all the same qualities in himself that he hadn't dealt with due to his past.

One night, they shared their deepest secrets. Anna confided in Owen about the struggles she faced growing up in her town and how it made her feel like an outsider. Owen admitted to her that he had recently come out of a marriage that had left him feeling empty.

It's as if they both suddenly saw each other for the first time – flaws and all.

Owen and Anna's relationship grew deeper. They often found themselves in deep conversations about the importance of family and the value of friendship. They talked about their goals and their future. They couldn't imagine life without each other.

As it was always in life, the weight of their past began to interfere with their future. Anna's mother reappeared in her life, and it became apparent that their relationship was as strained as ever. Owen's ex-wife moved back into town, and the stress of his past relationship was hard to ignore.

Anna and Owen found themselves in a stalemate, unsure of themselves and unsure of each other. They didn't know how to move forward but didn't want to lose the one person they felt very comfortable with.

Years of trauma and hurt couldn't be erased in one moment, so they both took it slow, working to build their relationship back up. They supported each other through the pain, acknowledging it, and crossing the bridge of the unknown future together.

In the end, Anna and Owen discovered how to conquer their insecurities by opening up to one another. They learned to face their fears and pain by taking comfort in each other, and that is how they learned to live through the pain, to fully embrace the future hand in hand.

Anna no longer felt like an outsider, and Owen did not feel the emptiness that had plagued him before he met Anna. They had love and understanding. An understanding that came from learning how to deal with pain and trauma, and because of that, their love had grown stronger.