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"Beneath the Surface" is a short story about a young woman named Celia who is dealing with the aftermath of her mother's suicide. As she struggles with her grief and guilt, she becomes fixated on the idea that her mother left a secret behind.

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Last updated: June 1, 2023

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Gabriel Knightwood

Romance Whisperer, Writer

Avery looked out of the window of her small-town home, feeling like a fish out of water. She had always known that there was more to her than the small town she had grown up in. Avery had always felt like she was meant for bigger things than what her small town had to offer. She had always felt out of place, like there was a part of her that didn't fit in with the rest of the town.

So Avery packed her bags and left for the city, leaving behind the only life she had ever known. She was ready to start a new life, to find herself and to finally be the person she knew she was meant to be.

Once in the city, Avery found a job at a coffee shop and started going out to bars, trying to figure out who she was. That's when she met Finn, a bartender with kind eyes and a gentle smile. Finn was different from everyone Avery had ever met. He was patient, kind, and understanding. He was the missing piece that Avery had been looking for.

As Finn and Avery's bond deepened, Avery started to open up about her struggles with identity. Finn listened to her stories, empathizing with her and helping her to discover who she truly was. With Finn's help, Avery was able to find the courage to confront the hidden parts of herself that she had buried for so long.

But just when Avery thought she had found herself and true love, their newfound happiness was threatened by an unexpected obstacle. Finn's past came back to haunt him in the form of an ex-girlfriend who had no intention of leaving him alone.

As Finn's ex-girlfriend became more and more persistent, Avery began to question whether she was willing to fight for their relationship and the man she loved. As Avery grappled with how far she was willing to go for the person she loved, she learned that the true journey to acceptance was within herself.

Avery pulled away from Finn, feeling lost and confused. She found herself constantly questioning whether what they had was worth fighting for. Finn tried his best to reassure her, but Avery's doubts persisted.

One day, while walking down the city street, Avery bumped into a woman who was the exact replica of her. It was as if looking at her very own reflection. Avery dismissed it, but the incident continued to haunt her. She went home and started to ask questions from her mom. She learned a hard truth that she had been adopted. A part of her felt betrayed, but she quickly learned to accept it with Finn’s support.

With her newfound strength, Avery and Finn faced up to their external challenges together, proving that love conquered all. As they navigated the challenges that come with Finn's ex-girlfriend, their love grew stronger, and they learned that it was only when they were together that they could overcome any obstacle.

As Avery and Finn prepared for their future, they knew that their love was built on a foundation of acceptance, understanding, and unconditional love. They were ready for whatever life threw at them. Together, they knew that they could withstand anything.

Twist Ending: After their wedding ceremony, Finn surprised Avery on the beach by telling her he had inherited an Island where they can start a new adventure for their new beginning.