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Glimpses of the Forbidden

"Forbidden Reflections" is a short story about a girl named Lynette who discovers a mysterious mirror in the attic of her new home. As she becomes obsessed with the mirror and its reflection of a boy named Max, Lynette realizes that the mirror is a portal to another dimension and she must save Max from his cursed fate.

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Last updated: September 28, 2023

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Gabriel Knightwood

Romance Whisperer, Writer

Emma stood before the blank canvas with her paintbrush in hand, her gaze focused, as she waited for inspiration to strike. She had been struggling to find her muse lately, her artistic spark was dimming, and her bank account was running low. Emma was living on a shoestring budget in the heart of the city, trying to make a name for herself as an artist.

Her phone rang, interrupting her thoughts, and she picked it up hesitantly. A new client had booked a slot for her to paint a portrait of an enigmatic guest. She eagerly agreed, hoping this new opportunity could provide her career with the boost it needed.

Emma arrived at the luxurious estate, her heart racing as she was ushered to the studio. She was greeted by Marcus, who invited her to set up her supplies.

Marcus was a well-groomed, sophisticated and good-looking man, with a charming smile that could light up the entire room. Emma couldn't help but feel drawn to him, his aura gave off an intense and magnetic energy that she didn't know how to resist. Her time with Marcus was filled with blush-worthy moments, his suave and calming demeanor easing Emma's anxiety.

As Emma worked on the portrait, she found herself drawn to Marcus, his passion and hidden secrets were alluring. Soon their friendship grew thicker as they worked on the portrait, and Emma found herself wanting more than a professional relationship, but Marcus’ secrets, made him distant and unavailable.

One day, Emma discovered Marcus’s true identity and her heart sunk. She couldn’t believe he would hide such a life-changing fact from her. Emma was devastated, angry and didn’t know how to react.

For days, Emma and Marcus didn't speak. Emma was lost, caught between her desire to be with the man she had fallen for, and her anger at being lied to. Marcus's emotions were so hidden that Emma couldn't make any sense of them.

But when Marcus finally spoke, he told her about how he had been struggling to reconcile his passion for art with his family's expectations. His family was a powerful one in the art world, and their expectations seemed too much for him to handle. Marcus also confessed his feelings for Emma, admitting that he was not capable of keeping his distance from her.

Emma was conflicted, she wanted to trust Marcus again, but how could she when he had hidden such essential information from her? Emma finally opened up about her anxieties and fears about her life choices as well.

As they talked, they both realized they wanted each other and couldn't stand to be apart, but Marcus's family was powerful, and there were paths that he had to follow unless he was ostracized from his life and wealth.

Finally, Marcus made a decision. He could no longer live his life in the shadows of his family's expectations, and he was willing to go against his family for Emma. It was time to take his destiny into his own hands and follow his heart.

At the same time, Emma had a realization as well. It was time to take charge of her life and pursue her art without any fear or hesitation. Together, they decided to start fresh, get away from the city, and start a new life in the countryside where they could pursue their art and love without any further hindrances.

The days passed, and in the company of one another, both Emma and Marcus discovered their true selves and their true potential. They were no longer held back by doubt and fear, and they explored their love and art with newfound passion.

In the end, they had found a love that was worth fighting for, but as they began packing their bags, they discovered a recording they had overlooked. Marcus had recorded a confession to his family that he was leaving them.

They listened intently, only to discover that Marcus had a twin brother, one that had previously been known only to those in the family circle. While Marcus had always chosen the art path, his twin had been raised to take over the family business. Emma and Marcus couldn't believe it, and they were stunned, even more so because Marcus’ twin had the same fascination for Emma as his brother did.

The twist ending had caught them off guard, but Emma and Marcus took it as a sign. They realized that there were many paths in life you can take, and sometimes you never know which one would have been the best choice. But they had each other, and that was all that mattered; the decisions they made will be valuable assets for their future.

Together, they set off on a new adventure, with love, and art, as their constant companion, prepared for what fate had in store for them next.