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Forbidden Feelings

"Forbidden Feelings" is a story about a woman who begins to develop romantic feelings for her best friend, who is already in a committed relationship. The woman grapples with her emotions and must decide whether to keep her feelings to herself or confess them and potentially risk their friendship.

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Last updated: June 2, 2023

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Gabriel Knightwood

Romance Whisperer, Writer

Ava spent her early days exploring the colossal acres of land at her parent's wealthy estate. As an only daughter, she found amusement in talking to herself and playing with the animals she found in the fields, mainly horses. Her life was simple, and she was content, but everything changed when Sebastian arrived.

He was the only child of her parent's old friends, and they instantly became inseparable. He was only a few years older than her, but he was her protector and best friend. Their interests aligned, and they found passion in horseback riding and exploring the grounds together. As they grew older and became more entranced with each other, their friendship developed into something more.

Ava found it hard to come to terms with her growing feelings for Sebastian. She didn't want to ruin the comfortable friendship they had built for years. Still, as Sebastian began to show affections beyond what was ordinary between friends, Ava realized that she shares the same emotions for him.

Their love for each other was undeniable, but the fear of their families' disapproval kept them from being together. Sebastian's family was more established in society than Ava's parents, and they had a certain reputation to uphold. Any association with the Dawson family, who was his parent's business partners, would damage their status and reputation.

Although the prospect of societal rejection was weighing them down, they couldn't suppress their feelings. They would meet in secret, away from their families' prying eyes. They would spend hours talking about their ambitions and everything they wanted for their future. They may not have been able to express their love openly, but they knew it was mutual.

Even with their love as the foundation of their relationship, the two faced the difficulty of communicating with each other. Ava would feel as though Sebastian wasn't speaking up for her enough in his household, and Sebastian would feel like Ava wasn't reciprocating his gestures of love. All these little misunderstandings would pile up, increasing the tension between the young lovers.

Ava wanted to bridge the distance between their families, but Sebastian wanted to wait until he was in a better position to intervene. It caused a rift between them; one that caused them to drift apart, and eventually, they went their separate ways.

Eventually, Ava landed a job in advertising, while Sebastian became his parent's right hand in their business. Despite their different lifestyles, they still couldn't forget about each other, and every romantic movie and love song would remind them of the love they once shared.

The years went by, and their love waned, but it never died. They both wished for the day when they would be reunited once again. The opportunity for that reunion presented itself at a charity event organized by Ava's advertising company, and Sebastian was one of the donors.

The moment they met again, the years melted away, and the love they once had came rushing back. They rekindled their romance and decided to face the world together, regardless of the repercussions.

In the following weeks, they both worked hard to bring their families together—the Goulds and the Dawsons—and the sacrifices they made in the name of love paid off. By the time Ava and Sebastian got married, the families that were once at odds became closer than ever before.

Ava and Sebastian's love endured despite the challenges they faced. From the early stages of their friendship to the complicated times that came with their romance, they never stopped fighting for what they believed in. Their love conquered all the obstacles in their path, paving the way for a future that they knew they could face together.

In the end, Ava and Sebastian proved that love, no matter how forbidden, could endure with patience, communication, and a willingness to make sacrifices.