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Finding Home

A young woman returns to her coastal hometown to heal after a difficult break-up. As she discovers the beauty of the seaside, she also finds love and herself.

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Last updated: September 10, 2023

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Gabriel Knightwood

Romance Whisperer, Writer

Cassie had always felt like something was missing in her life. Despite her successful career, loving family, and supportive friends, she couldn't quite shake the feeling of restlessness that plagued her. It wasn't until she received a mysterious package in the mail that everything finally started to click into place.

Inside the package was a letter from her estranged aunt, revealing a family secret that Cassie had never known. Along with the letter, her aunt had sent a key to a beautiful cottage in a quaint seaside village. With nothing left to lose, Cassie decided to take a chance and follow the clues left by her aunt.

As she arrived in the sleepy village, Cassie was struck by the timeless beauty of the place. The sun shone down on the sparkling water, and the quaint cottages and shops exuded a sense of calm and peace. Despite the beauty surrounding her, Cassie found it hard to shake off her restlessness. But little by little, the village began to work its magic on her, and soon enough, she started to feel like she belonged.

Slowly but surely, Cassie started to fall in love with the village and the charming local coffee shop owner, Jack. But even as she felt herself opening up to the possibility of a new life, her fear of vulnerability threatened to derail everything. Would she have the courage to take a chance on love, or would she let her past hold her back from a brighter future?

As Cassie delved deeper into her family's secrets, she discovered that she had the strength and resilience to face her fears head-on. She realized that the restlessness that had plagued her for so long was nothing more than a search for a place to call home. And if she could find home, then surely there was hope for her to find love as well.

In the end, Jackie Collins' novel "Finding Home" leaves the reader with an enigmatic ending as Cassie sets her sights on a new beginning, with Jack by her side and a newfound sense of hope in her heart.