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Chasing Destiny is a story about a boy named Clayton who discovers he has the power to control the elements and sets out on a journey to find his mother, who he believes has the same powers. Along the way, he meets other people with special abilities and they work together to defeat an evil organization seeking to control these superhumans.

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Last updated: June 2, 2023

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Gabriel Knightwood

Romance Whisperer, Writer

Amelia had always been the girl with a plan. From the young age, she knew she was destined to break the barriers in her small town and become a doctor. Her parents had instilled the idea in her and pushed her every step of the way. Despite the endless nights of studying and the countless hours she spent volunteering at the hospital, she maintained a social life, and she was well-liked amongst her friends.

One summer’s night, while out for a walk, Amelia stumbled across a city boy named Jackson singing and playing guitar outside the local diner. Her heart raced as she listened to his raspy voice, and watched his fingers dance across the strings of his guitar. She watched him for a while and felt herself getting lost in the words and melody of each song.

When he finished playing, she made her way over to him, and they struck up a conversation. As they spoke, she couldn't help but feel a pull towards him. They talked about everything, their dreams, their aspirations, their favourite music, and everything in between; it all felt natural. As the night went on, the sparks between them grew stronger and eventually turned to fire.

Amelia knew that pursuing this relationship would prove challenging, given the strict plans her parents had laid out for her future. Nonetheless, it felt different, alive. They both felt something that they hadn’t experienced before, and the idea of giving up on that was not an option.

Jackson has always been a free spirit. The idea of planning out his life felt claustrophobic to him. After a while of dating Amelia, his doubts surfaced. Jackson feared that he would never be enough for her and her family, and that she would eventually choose her career over him. His insecurities grew stronger as Amelia got deeper into her studies.

As much as Amelia tried to balance both love and her studies, it proved to be a difficult feat. The end of summer made it harder for them as Jackson had to return to the city for his own music career. Amelia’s parents also put the pressure on her to focus on her studies and forget about Jackson.

For the months that followed, Amelia distracted herself with work and school, but she couldn't shake off the memory of Jackson and what they had shared. Her emotions battled with the choice of choosing between her career and her heart's desires. When Jackson arrived back in town, he found Amelia sitting outside of the diner where they met.

As they caught up and reminisced about past moments, he revealed he had been working on an album that was gaining traction. The more they spoke about it, the more they realised that the path to a successful career didn't have to be the same for everyone. They could still have everything they wanted if they were willing to work together towards achieving it.

As their love grew stronger, they poured their hearts and souls into their respective crafts. Amelia became a doctor, and Jackson's music career took off with several hits. She would be in the stands, watching and cheering as he performed in packed stadiums, and he would be in the background supporting her on her hospitals' never-ending shifts.

Amelia and Jackson continued to chase their dreams together, but not without its fair share of struggles and obstacles. Dinners turned into silent tears, arguments turned into passionate embraces, and the love they had for each other driven them to push their limits to prove that they could have it all.

In the end, love conquered all. As they stood on the rooftop of the city building, they gazed at the twinkling city lights and at each other. They both realised that their journey has been laced with the beauty of uncertainty and that it was all worth the ride. They still had a long way to go, but one thing was for sure; their love for each other would be the foundation of their ongoing journey.

Amelia smiled as she leaned in to kiss Jackson, basking in the feeling of happiness and love. The future is endless, but she knew it was theirs to conquer together.